Qi Analytics LLC

consultation and software development for technical and lifestyle applications

Qi Analytics™ LLC provides consultation, services and products in the domains of algorithms and software for scientific, technical, and life-style applications. Application areas include: Health applications; human visual perception analysis; imaging quality assessment algorithms and methodology development. Qi Analytics LLC was founded in 2010 by Dan René Rasmussen, and is based in Pittsford, NY, United States.


Pixel Joust

Image quality survey tool for mobile devices

A system and service to conduct image quality surveys on mobile devices. Have customers in their natural environment assess the quality of your images and image processing algorithms. A demo of this is in the iOS App Store. If you would like to conduct a survey, send an email.

Print quality analysis tool (based on ISO 24790)

Desktop software application

This tool is being developed and currently supports measurements of mottle, graininess, streaks and bands. Contact us if you would like to participate in the beta testing phase.


A mobile app with key information from IS&T

Developed for the Society for Imaging Science & Technology, this app provides quick access to some of the key information from the IS&T website.

Life style

Diet Counts

iOS app for diet tracking

This app is ideal if you like to cook healthy meals, and wants to keep track of calories and macro-nutrients. Record body weight and size. Share nutrients and body measurements with HealthKit

PT Timer

iOS app for physical therapy

A timer, counter and tracker that helps you comply with the regiment of exercises prescribed by your physical therapist.